Saturday, February 13, 2010

This is the Olympic torch going up False Creek in a canoe. Not very good pictures unfortunately, not sure why.
There were fireworks again tonight just across the Creek, it was a really great display, but Jazmine kitty was not happy as usual.
I spent the afternoon finishing up my crazy quilt blocks ready for embroidery and embellishment. You can see them at Now that my sewing machine is put away I will paint toomorrow. It would be so nice to have a studio with a station for each thing I do: sewing, painting etc., however, I must remember gratitude for what I do have and I have a great view, and everything I need. Who could ask for more!!


  1. You're so blessed to have such great view. I've always wanted to live close to the water ... :)

    And what a good fortune to have a glimpse of the Olympic fire. Well done!

  2. Wow, your place must be buzzing with such energy!
    You sound very organised with your art, you have stations for different elements of work, sounds fantastic.
    My work area also has small areas for sewing and the art table for painting and such, but sometimes it seems to meld together, I suppose that's how mixed media came about! ;)