Thursday, February 25, 2010

I took the picture of the forsythia on Monday and the cherry blossoms today. Aaaaah, spring is really here!
Canadian women owned the podium today. A gold and silver for the bobsled, gold for hockey and bronze for figure skating. WOMAN POWER!! Canadian Women have also won eleven and a half of the fifteen medals Canada has won - that was before todays wins. (The half is for the skating dance). Women really do rock!


  1. Lovely to see things blooming (if only in photos). We're starting to get some melting, but there are still heaps and heaps of old snow, and fresh slick ice on the sidewalks every morning.

  2. The trees are so beautiful. Ours are just beginning to bloom here too, they are a few weeks ahead of schedule because we have had such a mild winter where I live. Aren't we all so ready for some Spring!