Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I got organized today, picking out threads and embellishments and dying some cheesecloth with acrylic ink for my first crazy quilt bag. I also finished a watercolour I started a while back. I'm not too happy with the blackberries but the rest I feel good about.

I put some daffodils and crocuses on my patio on the weekend so it looks very springlike, the colours are so bright and cheery. The snowdrops are out as well.

Canada has won two gold medals, I guess you've already heard they are the first two gold medals won in Canada. Very exciting.


  1. I love your watercolour!
    I can't believe you have flowers out - during the WINTER Olympics! lol
    I saw both golds being won - so very exciting!
    I've included you in the draw - I'll be doing that Sat.
    Have a great week - sounds like you are creatively busy!

  2. Your watercolor work is wonderful! Wish I could be of your standard ... and flowers always brighten up any seasons! And what great joy you must be feeling for Canada's first gold medals!!! Lovely week ahead.

    Thank you as usual to your support of my creative venture. You made me feel like a million dollars gal! :)