Monday, November 23, 2009

I seem to have lost the energy around my blog. Hardly any visitors and many of the blogs I have been visiting have not been posting - except the lovely Rose and Bev and a couple of others that I visit but don't comment on. I have just felt like I haven't had anything very interesting to post lately. I have been busy writing letters to the Property Manager and writing the December newsletter. I have also finished another crazy quilt bag and am well on my way on another one. I have really enjoyed creating them.

I have done a couple of drawings for the book I have written for my Great Granddaughter. I think I will do it as a collage in a board book. I was also thinking of doing it on watercolour paper and sewing it together with ribbons and fibers but this might not be so smart for a young child. I have bought a couple of nice pendants - a rose petal in clear acrylic trimmed in gold and a leaf coated with copper - to make necklaces for my daughters. Christmas is coming up fast. Tomorrow we'll only be a month away from Christmas Eve. so I must get busy on them.
Time for bed. Sweet dreams.


  1. Aw bless you hun! I think it i s the time of year.... Since starting blogging I have been much, much more aware of seasonal changes. It will come back, I am sure, in some way, shape or form.... Flow.... XXXX

  2. I love your crazy quilt bag! You could sell these!
    Thanks so much for the kind words! It is necessary to support each other - I enjoy seing what you are creating next! Same with your photos - you have an eye for a great shot!
    It will come back when you need to !
    Take care!

  3. You're such a multi-talented woman! Well Done!

    And thank you for the congrats on my NaNo win. :)

  4. Hello Leone, I am still around, painting a little and gathering my houghts on where I want to go next year with my art, kinda like trying to find my style. But as well as another visitor said its a busy time of year, we have been having lots of visitors staying at our house which has been great but tiring, and I am trying to finish my oil painting, takes ages to dry, also the girls all have x-mas concerts and here in Aus we are ending the school year. I am feeling tired but really wanted to say hi and am glad I did, have missed your visits but am looking forward to get back into the swing of things this weekend after the last visitor leaves.It also makes it hard to create when people are here.
    I really love your crazy quilting, I'd love to learn how it is done, now that I feel more confident with the sewing machine. Maybe you can do a tutorial on your blog sometime? :)