Monday, June 20, 2011


it just came out of my head!!
I used my Prismacolour Crayons for this. I have always loved these crayons and some of the ones I still have are from my first set that my parents bought me 60 years ago. I love the selection of colours and how clean they are. The little white flowers were done with acrylic paint because the while crayon wouldn't show up on top of the other colours. I tried several other things but the acrylic was the only thing that would cover and the crayon bled through a little.

I have decided that there is no use me setting up challenges for myself. My mood alters from day to day and some days I just feel too tired to create so I will just do what my spirit moves me to do and hope that do something each day.

I really enjoyed doing this one because I wasn't stressed about it being anything in particular and it didn't matter if it wasn't perfect, there was nothing to compare it with.


  1. I love it! Sort of reminds me of a tulip?

  2. Love the colors, love the line work, so fluid and full of movements! Just wonderful! ;)