Thursday, December 23, 2010

I've been gone for a long time again! I get busy and just don't take the time to write anything. I visit all my favourite blogs everyday though.

We did the Santa Shuffle and had great fun. I walked it in just under one hour and was pleased that I wasn't last. LOL We raised $610 for the Salvation Army Christmas Fund between the three of us.
I am continuing with my walking and weight training and have lost ten pound so far. I feel so much better and have so much more energy.
My two daughters and I had our Christmas on December 11th because my eldest daughter went out of town the following weekend. My youngest daughter and I will get together on Christmas day and have another Christmas so it has been a very strange year. I feel like I have two last minute preparations in the past three weeks. It is all good though and I am looking forward to spending the day with my daughter on Christmas day.
I have done a couple of mixed media pictures 18X24, one is for my eldest daughter for her birthday. My two girls have their birthdays on the same day- Jan 27th - having been born six years and forty minutes apart. My birthday is on the 30th Dec my granddaughter on the 4th Jan, my great granddaughter on 4th Nov. All out birthdays within two and a half months with Christmas and New Years thrown in for good measure. We really could have timed things better!! LOL
When things get back to normal and some sanity returns (hopefully) in January I will blog more often and maybe get more connected by joining One World One Heart again.
Last Sunday, I went to my friend's book launch. It is so exciting so see someone creative work come to fruition. So much blood, sweat and tears go into the production of a book. My daughter did the layout for her so that was very exciting. He book is called Romance Your Writer Within,
And Reawaken Your Passion To Write. If you are interested in this book you can contact Melba Burns at or go to her website
Another neighbour is getting his book into production at this time. He has worked on it for ten years!! Maybe this will get me inspired to do something with the book I started many years ago.


  1. It's always nice to hear from you and wishing you and your family a Very Merry X'mas and Happy New Year.

    I'd like to thank you for your support to my blog and my art venture. You have been a wonderful blogging friend and I'm glad to have made the connection.

    Last but not least - a very early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

    Looking forward to hear from you soon!

  2. So glad you are doing well! Congratulations on your healthy programme!
    We will be having 2 Christmases as well - one Sat. and one Sun.!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and an early Happy Birthday!

  3. I like your Koi Pond picture very nice work. It would make a nice site background.

    Merry Christmas