Friday, April 18, 2014

I keep starting my blog again and then stopping.  I just feel like my life is so boring I don't know what to write about.  I am going to try again because I love to see what I have done when I look back at my previous posts.  You know that old critical voice that tells you that what you have to offer is not important or boring or not as good as the things other people are doing. 

So I am starting this with a picture of my April calendar.  I created another watercolour calendar for 2014 and hope to do one for 2015.  I have painted some large paintings since I stopped writing my blog and am in the process of painting a 2' X 3' one for my granddaughter and another one that is one painting on two canvasses.  I am also art journaling.  One art journal is Draw Your Awesome Year with Joanne Sharpe and the other one is No Excuses Art Journaling from Gina Rossi Armfield's book of the same name.  I am very sporadic with it, not doing it as much as I would like to - why??? - Laziness is probably the answer.  I keep finding other things to do.  Maybe Avoidance is another answer - another WHY???  I have tons of time!!

I am thing of starting a new project called Face Me.  The idea comes from camillaolssonart but I am not committing to it yet as I have to do some soul searching before I decide.  This is not a workshop I am following but an idea I am taking from Camilla's own personal journey.

So this is me starting again.  I hope I keep it up this time.  When I look at blogs by Alisa Burke and Jullie Fei-Fan Balzer, I don't see why I shouldn't.  They are both so busy and I have tons of time.  Maybe that is the problem!!!! No pressure!!!

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