Sunday, April 10, 2011

DREAMING OF SPRING A neighbour gave me this picture to put in our newsletter. I think it is so adorable. The girls names are Kate and Lila. They look so happy and the flowers in their hair and colourful, flowery outfits make them look like little spring faeries We are having rain here again today and I slept off and on until 12:30. I have been sleeping so badly for the past two weeks, I guess I needed to catch up. I have started two handbags, have two others well under way, have bought scrapbook paper to create a children's picture, bought some blank cards and envelopes (on sale - 50 for $5 - can't pass up a bargain and of course I had to buy two packages. LOL) to make cards have a new book called Drawing Nature, A Journal by Jill Bliss that I would like to do some drawing in. Do you think I am a little scattered?? I have decided to make a list of art projects in the hopes of helping me to get focused. I find when I have a list and can cross things off when I am done, it helps. When I read other people's blogs, I see that other creatives have the same issue so I don't feel too alone in this. Has anyone else found a good solution for this scatteredness?? I spent the afternoon drawing in my Jill Bliss's Drawing Nature Journal and it really was relaxing. I turned my Ipod on and listened to the old Nat King Cole, Johnny Mathis, Rod Stewart's American Songbook, etc. Very nice way to spend a rainy, gray afternoon and imagine that spring really come soon!! I have tried several times to get this post in paragraphs and it keeps bouncing back to one long paragraph!! Very frustrating!!


  1. Glad to read about your latest venture. And believe me, you're NOT the only one who felt a bit scattered. I'm in the same boat though I didn't mention in my blog. I have jump started way too many projects that I lost focus.

    Your idea of project list is a good one. Think I should do one as well.

    And oh my, your flower (in JB's journal) looks beautiful. The lines are all working so well. Good on you! I haven't even started mine ...

    Cheers and don't be too hard on youself. You're doing just great!

    (Love Nat King Cole as well!)

  2. I have the problem too.... And I am reading a ridiculous number of books and magazines at the moment - all at once. Not books I got bored of and put aside but I really am reading them all at once. *sigh*

    I agree with Hybrid J! The drawing is looking lovely!

    Spring is on it's way! It will be with you soon, honest....

  3. Love your drawing! The flowers are gorgeous!
    I feel so scattered at times as well! Too much to do and not enough time. I need to be more organized I guess. I am a procastinator at times - then am rushing to complete everything!
    The litle ones are adorable!
    Take care! Have a wonderful week.
    (Thanks for stopping by - have entered you in the giveaway)