Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I have done a Zendala and a Zentangle over the last little while. The Zendala I did in a couple of sittings, the Zentangle took several weeks to complete. I find this a very relaxing art form and did a lot of it in coffee shops. I have another Zentangle half completed.

I picked up the new Somerset Studio a couple of days ago and found an article by a mixed-media artist I haven't seen before, his name is Randel Plowman. He has a blog called and he has done just that for a couple of years and has only missed a couple of days of posting during that time. His collages are only 4" x 4" but they are excellent. So, I think I will give it a try and do one small collage a day for six months maybe longer if I am still enjoying it. He also has a web site at
The new Somerset Studio is very good and so it the new Art Journaling. They have a new format for SS and I prefer it to the old one. I love the mixed-media magazines, they are so inspiring.
We finally got some summer weather here. Very hot today.


  1. Leone these are beautiful. I love zentangles! (our next swap??)
    I love the bird peeking through on your zendala - I've never tried circle zentangles!
    We've had the horrible heatwave - just went out for a moment and it is a scorcher today nagain!
    I am slow on my butterfly cards - I had started 2 and just don't like them so am starting all over! Please be patient!
    Take care.

  2. Love the new look - bright and sunny just like your summer.

    Both your Zendala and Zentagle are wonderful. Love all the intricate work! Glad you're enjoying Zentangle art. It really is very relaxing.

    Thank you for your concern of my health. I've been wreaking my mind to find the mind/body connection since the relapse of the neck pain. There are some ongoing issues which might contribute to it. Hmmmm ... it's always so frustrating especially when I had such a good run (almost pain free) since last Oct.

    Well, I'm sure I'll get over it. It's only a matter of time ...

    And as usual, I'm grateful for your warm friendship and generosity. You're such a gem!

    Oh, almost forgot, will definitely get a copy of the "Drawing Lab" which you mentioned in my blog comment. Another fellow blogger, Lisa from Wright Stuff also recommends it. Look like this is one of those "must have" work book. THANK YOU for bring it to me! :D

  3. Very wonderful pieces. I've only made a couple zentangles myself...they are quite time consuming but well worth the effort especially ones as lovely as yours.
    What kind of pen did you use?