Saturday, December 12, 2009

My DD stopped by today and we went for a drive out to Spanish Banks. It was very cold so we didn't walk very far. It's supposed to have snowed the past couple of days but it hasn't happened yet, at least not in the area where I live.

I feeling like getting back into my creativity and will start this evening. I was going to do some earlier but went out with my DD instead.

We had our Chirstmas party on Thursday evening and it was a lot of fun. A couple of people who live in the building play violin and, along with two friends, entertained us with some lively music. Another tenant played the saxophone and yet another sang some Russian songs. Lots of good food and conversation resulted in a very pleasant evening. This is rather a unique apartment building where we have tried to create a supportive community. When someone is sick, we help each other and we have parties. It's a little like living in little village. There are, obviously, personality conflicts and gossiping but all in all it is very positive. The newletter has helped to make people feel like they matter as well. I have noticed some people coming out of their shells after they have been mentioned in the newsletter for their gardening contributions, photography and being mentioned when they have lost a child. So many of the tenants are alone in the world so I think it helps them to feel a sense of belonging. I hope so anyway. There are lot of very lonely people in the world!

I am going to go and make a necklace for one of my DD's now.


  1. I stopped by earlier and went to leave a reply and then got called away. I thought I had replied - so sorry I didn't reply sooner!
    You sound like things are going better. Your place sounds like a good place to live.
    Hope you get to create more - can't wait to see more of your work.
    I wouldlike that you join me in the alphabet art. I think it will be a fun challenge - but not a rigid one. I want it to be enjoyable.
    Keep well - Merry Christmas.

  2. Hello Leone,
    Just wanted to wish and your family a very merry christmas!
    Thank you for your support and encouragement throughout the year, love Angie ox.